Great Pyrenees Puppies for sale

From time to time we have wonderful Great Pyrenees puppies. Their parents are free range livestock guardian dogs. Our dogs do not know a leash or chain. They are very strong and healthy, running around 22 acres farm. A few years ago we had many problems with our chickens and rabbits because of foxes and coyotes. Now there are no coyotes or foxes around! Our chickens and ducks are walking in the woods and coming back in the evening and they all are alive!
For the last two years, we did not lose any birds to predators! You are welcome to visit our farm in WV and observe all our animals. 
Our female dogs Princess Adah and Duchess Bertha - are regular size for GP. Our King Rex - very large, huge male. You are welcome to visit our farm to pick up a puppy or we can deliver it to Alexandria, VA.
Below are some latest pictures. Please contact us for availabilities and prices.

Meet the parents: King Rex and Princess Adah.

On patrol with Daddy.

Getting familiar with neighbors.

Learning to work at the farm.

More information about Great Pyrenees breed.

The Great Pyrenees has a shoulder height of 64-81 cm (25-32 in) and weighs 41-50 kg (90-110 lbs). It has a wedge-shaped, slightly rounded head with almond-shaped eyes, and 'V'-shaped ears. The Great Pyrenees has a flat back, broad chest, and breed characteristic double dewclaws on its hind legs. It is slightly taller (measured at the shoulders) than it is long.


The Great Pyrenees has a weather-resistant double coat. The outer coat is long, flat, and thick, consisting of coarse hairs which may be straight or slightly wavy. The undercoat is dense, fine, and woolly. The Great Pyrenees are white with possible tan, gray, or light yellow markings on the face or body.


The Great Pyrenees can be a good friend to any dog, animal, child, or visitor. It is initially uncomfortable with unknown people and pets but grows comfortable with them over time.

Early socialization is recommended. The Great Pyrenees will protect its family when necessary, even at the cost of its life.


We have 3 cats in our farm: Pumpkin, Pandra and Golden.


This is Golden, our first cat.

This is Ninja, our

youngest cat.

This is Thrishka, our second to

youngest cat.


This is our Goldendoodle Bofis. He is very hyper and excited. He often goes to the city to get his haircut. 

This is Kelly. She is very scent sensitives, and is very helpful in tracking deer during hunting season.

Our pair of Great Pyrenees. Princess Adah (on the left) and King Rex (on the right).

This is one of Rex's and Adahs's puppies.

This is another picture of Rex.

Duchess Bertha joins our group of Great Pyrenees dogs few years ago.

Yodi, he is Kelly's brother. He can smile!

Below are images of our Great Pyrenees puppies.

Most of our puppies are dreaming about working at farms. Some however prefer the urban life style. This dude lives in an apartment in the DC area.

Welcome to our Farm!

We are located on the beautiful mountains of WV, about 2.5 hours drive from DC. You are welcome to visit our farm and watch our animals and birds! 

Please contact us before your visit for directions. GPS and Google Maps has difficulty finding our farm by address and may point you to the wrong directions.