Available for Sale

We have different products available for sale from time to time.

This page intended to contain all current offerings.


- Chicken eggs. All our eggs fertilized and can be used for hatching.

Regular size: $4.50 per dozen;

XLarge: $6 per dozen;

Small: $3 per dozen;


- Duck eggsRegular: $6 per dozen;

Small size: $4 per dozen;


- Quail eggs. Price: $3 per dozen;


- Live Roosters. Price: $10 - $25, depending on size and breed;


- Live Rabbits. Price: $15 - $35, depending on size and breed.


Live Quails. $1.50 - $6.00 (from 2 to 8 weeks old).


- Live Ducks. $15 - $35 (depending on size/weight/age).


- Ducklings. $3.00 - $10.00 (from 2 to 8 weeks)


From time to time we may have Great Pyrenees puppies for sale.

Please use our Contact Us page with all inquiries and orders.


You can pick up your orders at our farm or on Sunday evening:

- in Alexandria, VA; or

- at some exit along Rt.66, from Front Royal to Alexandria.

Welcome to our Farm!

We are located on the beautiful mountains of WV, about 2.5 hours drive from DC. You are welcome to visit our farm and watch our animals and birds! 

Please contact us before your visit for directions. GPS and Google Maps has difficulty finding our farm by address and may point you to the wrong directions.